La Palestina del mandato britannico: sguardi incrociati dal mondo russo

Parole chiave

Mandatory Palestine
Russian émigrés
Cultural Identity


The paper analyses the reports of travel to Palestine appeared in Russian after the revolution, focusing on texts produced by Russia Abroad, both by Russian and Jewish observers. The relevant interest of the émigrés in this region should be read as a result, on the one hand, of the traditional cultural and religious ties with the Holy Land and on the other, of the political and social unrest connected to the Balfour declaration and the British Mandate. The friction between the Biblical/Evangelical layer and contemporary reality, between past and present – a distinctive feature of previous texts – persists, but we witness a hypertrophic development of concerns related to the current events, in the wake of the uncertainties triggered by exile and of the need to understand the trajectories and the nature of contemporary Judaism, a crucial question in émigré public debate.


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