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Articoli - Sezione miscellanea

V. 16 (2023): Microstorie letterarie. Modelli e prospettive di ricerca in area slava

Il superamento dell’alienazione: antologia di poesia russofona kazaka oggi



The anthology of poets from Kazakhstan aims to present twelve Russian-speaking writers, in order to provide a vision – partial, as with any anthology – of the lively cultural environment of the country, in a decolonial perspective, in spite of the idea that Russian-speaking poetry is mainly that produced in Russia. In many of the former Soviet republics there is instead an extremely interesting cultural ferment, which mixes local characteristics with an openness to world cultures. The anthology collects poems of Selina Taysengirova, Amangel’dy Rakhmetov, Ramil’ Niyazov, Oral Arukenova, Kanat Omar, Ravil’ Autkaliev, Zair Asim, Pavel Bannikov, Mariya Vil’koviskaya, Kseniya Rogozhnikova, Yury Serebryansky and Aleksey Shvabauer.