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V. 15 (2022): OBERIU / RI-OBERIU

Two Fairy Tales: The Wizard of Oz, 1939; Cinderella, 1947



Leading culturologist Vladimir Paperny, author of the book Culture Two, and Maya Turovskaya, a well-known film critic and co-author of the documentary film Ordinary Fascism, created a joint project in 2008 dedicated to a comparative analysis of Soviet and American cinema of the 1930s-1940s of the XX century. After the death of Turovskaya in 2019, Paperny continued his research, expanding its chronological framework to the thaw era. A comparison of the two film traditions revealed amazing overlaps in plots, cultural mythologies, and even frame construction. Comparing The Wizard of Oz with Cinderella, the author comes to important observations about how the similarity of social processes taking place in both countries gave rise to sometimes opposite ideological messages embedded in the compared pictures. Serious culturological analysis of the films of the USA and the USSR in the context of the dramatic era is combined in the book with memories of the fascinating collaboration between Vladimir Paperny and Maya Turovskaya.