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V. 14 (2021): Oltre il “post-”. L’esperienza (post-)sovietica sotto la lente (post-)coloniale

Le opere perdute di Jurij Pimenov (1920-1930)



The well-known legacy of Pimenov, unfortunately, does not fully reflect his creative path. In the 1930s, he radically changed the style of his works and destroyed his early canvases. In addition, the master’s paintings, because of their relevance, often represented the art of the Soviet Union at foreign exhibitions and were acquired; the location of some of these works are unknown and these masterpieces have been lost. Many of Pimenov’s best works of the 1920s are known only from black-and-white reproductions in monographs, magazines and old catalogs. This article is the first to consolidate these works. This not only allows for a fuller presentation of the first stage of the artist’s work, but also a better understanding of his evolution and role in the history of Soviet art.