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Oltre il “post-” (a cura di Anita Frison e Marco Puleri)

V. 14 (2021): Oltre il “post-”. L’esperienza (post-)sovietica sotto la lente (post-)coloniale

(Post-/De-) Colonial Baltic Shades: The Latvian Case and its Global Breath



The Baltic area has always been conceived as experiencing a constant oscillation between the Western European cultural space and the Russian one. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, countries such as the Baltic states had to deal with a history of invasions alongside a present of plural memories, languages and cultures. The article will be committed to analyzing the contemporary Russophone cultural patterns in Latvia departing from the Baltic historical and mnemonic frame followed by a journey into the post-Soviet and postcolonial debate. The last part will disclose the Russophone translingual and transcultural environment of Latvia between hard borders of nationality and soft hybrid subjectivities. Examples of Russophone intellectual, artistic and poetic manifestations will be presented in the light of post-Soviet studies, colonial and (de-)colonial theoretic trajectories, taking into account interviews and field research conducted in Riga. The final purpose will be to understand in which ways certain Latvian Russophone manifestations can be analyzed as postcolonial and decolonial representations, highlighting junctures and fractures in terms of identity, language and national identification.