Il Daghestan oltre l’orientalismo sovietico: il romanzo “Prazdničnaja gora” di Alisa Ganieva

Parole chiave

Soviet Multinational Literature
Realist Socialist Novel
Soviet Orientalism
Postcolonial Studies
Post-Soviet Literature
Alisa Ganieva


The first part of the work considers the concept of Soviet orientalism in relation to socialist realism, especially focusing on the phenomenon of the so-called Soviet multinational literature and the Ciscaucasian Soviet novel. In the second part, Alisa Ganieva’s novel Prazdnichnaia gora [The Mountain of Celebrations, 2012] is analysed as a case study. It is argued that, besides being an example of the Soviet orientalist discourse, the parody of the socialist realist novel in its Dagestani version serves as a tool to deconstruct the Soviet representation of Dagestan. Indeed, through parody and multi-voicedness, Ganieva shows the Dagestani past and contemporaneity from an alternative perspective, thus offering a new way to narrate Dagestan.

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