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Oltre il “post-” (a cura di Anita Frison e Marco Puleri)

V. 14 (2021): Oltre il “post-”. L’esperienza (post-)sovietica sotto la lente (post-)coloniale

Ripensare il post-sovietico. Un’introduzione



In this introduction to the special issue Beyond the Post-: (Post-)Soviet Experience Through (Post-)Colonial Lenses, the author aims to reflect upon the contribution of postcolonial theory to the study of post-Soviet political and cultural dynamics on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union: which postcolonial tools can help us understand and enrich the search for a definition of the post-Soviet as an analytic category? In which ways are the post-Soviet cultures postcolonial? What, on the contrary, makes the geographical area born after the collapse of the Soviet Union different from the so-called ‘Third World’ and its dynamics?