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Věra Sokolová, “Gender Transformations: Ethnography of Sexuality and Queer/LGBT Studies in the Czech Republic”, pp. 49-64 [Abstract]
The article maps out the current situation of LGBT and queer issues in the Czech Republic, including the academia. The paper concentrates on conceptualization and reflection of the connections – and separations – of gender and sexu¬ality in Czech society after 1989, which explains the specificity of LGBT activities there and places them in theoretical, historical-social and political contexts. The paper is divided into four parts. 1) Conceptual frameworks and trends in the perception of gender and sexuality in the Czech Republic; 2) The media discourse and images of LGBT/queer issues in Czech society; 3) Political activism and gender discourse; and 4) The LGBT academic discourse. Following this structure, the concluding section summarizes the main arguments of the article in four basic points. Firstly, there is no great solidarity or a sense of belonging among the G, L, B and T activities in the Czech Republic. Secondly, gay and lesbian activities reflect the patriarchal structure, sexism and absence of gender sensitivity of Czech society as a whole. Thirdly, the issue of an existence of Czech LGBT “communi¬ty” is disputable even for most LGBT representatives, who have been speaking about the issue publicly. And finally, LGBT and queer themes still face a major distrust and opposition in the Czech academia.
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