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Denise Roman, “Missing in Action: On Eastern European Women and Transnational Feminism”, pp. 243-247 [Abstract]
The article is a critique to the current syllabi prevalent in the Women’s Studies departments in the United States and Canada, dominated as they are by a sort of post-colonial theory that excludes the study of Eastern European women, their history and current problems, under the misnomer of “white European women”. Although Eastern Europeans did not belong to the history of colonialism and imperialism like the West did, nevertheless, simply by being located in Europe and being considered “white” (from a North-American standpoint of civil rights and race theory), Eastern Europeans are left out from being studied in North-American Women’s Studies departments. Furthermore, the article draws theoretical conclusions and makes empirical comparisons between the situation of women in Eastern Europe and that of women from “Third World countries” to reveal the hybrid position of Eastern European women as located between “East” and “West”, while challenging post-colonial and North-American notions of “Europeanness” and “whiteness” when falsely applied to the denizens of Eastern Europe. The article closes with an invitation to know and learn more about Eastern European women, beyond simplistic applications of post-colonial and North-American notions that were born out of different histories (colonialism, imperialism, and slavery).
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