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Robert Pruszczyński, “Pre-modern Gender: Anna Mostowska”, pp. 123-131 [Abstract]
Anna Radziwiłł-Mostowska (1762-1833) has never been in the centre of philology’s attention. For the majority of historians of literature, she exists rather as a curious, strange learned gentlewoman from the margins of a masculine culture. Forgotten Mostowska’s novelistic oeuvre is a rare example of how Polish gothic culture and premodern books interpretation could be based on queer gothic. This trace can pay attention to the loss of (hetero) norms or to the creation of new identification codes connected with fear or “altered states of mind”. Read as gender tractates, Strach w Zameczku [Fear in Zameczek] and Posąg i Salamandra [The Statue and the Salamander], both published in 1806, could show premodern strategies of writing about masculinity-femininity and dallying with sexual clichés. The first one is a “tender friendship”. Czesław Zgorzelski describes the early nineteen’s century companionship as a substitute of (sublimated) love. The next scoop concentrates on the female characters: on the one hand those women are not beautiful “silent” or/and “deaf” ornaments, but on the other hand their bodies are used to fulfill men’s plans and fantasies. The last strategy of “gender reading” is linked to a mixture of desire and family ties: an earlier version of this fusion – the opposite to the modern one, that finds in it a destructive power – stresses its mechanisms of normativity.
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