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Almira Ousmanova, “Sexuality and Politics in Belarusian Media”, pp. 221-230 [Abstract]
The article touches upon the question on how the issues of normative and “transgressive” sexualities have been articulated and manipulated in the political discourse in contemporary Belarus (namely, since 1999, though the tendency has been rendered more evident in the later period). Over the course of the last ten years, official Belarusian mass media succeeded in constructing ultimately negative representations of homosexuality, since for the image of the traditional patriarchal family, governed by the symbolic figure of the Father of the Nation (Lukashenko himself) homosexual subjectivity has always been a threat. What can be seen, however, as a political “know-how” of the Lukashenko’s regime, it is the “homosexualization” of its political antagonists (be it local political oppositional parties, or western diplomats (suspected in espionage), or the representatives of European or American NGOs whose activities in Belarus have been aimed at the advance of civic society), when any political opponent can be publicly “denounced” and stigmatized as a “homosexual” and, therefore, vicious and morally decadent: through this image of perverse sexuality, with the ideological support of orthodox priests and medical institutions, the regime successfully delegitimizes the alternative political forces in the country and excludes the ”sexual-political” minorities from the public sphere. On the other hand, for the political opposition in Belarus neither the rights of sexual minorities, nor the gender equality issues are considered to be the fundamental values for the democratic change. For the Belarusian gay and lesbian communities (whose positions are also analyzed in the given article) both political forces, thus, represent equally problematic “alternatives”.
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