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Adam Ostolski, “Conspirators, Corruptors, Pariahs: The Judaization of Gay People in Polish Right-wing Discourse”, pp. 205-219 [Abstract]
In this article I compare two discourses of exclusion that played – or are playing – an important role in Polish political life: the antisemitic language of the 1930s and the contemporary language of homophobia. I want to demonstrate that they possess the same structure, and that the latter may be considered a continuation of the former. I begin with the methodological premises of the comparative analysis I propose. Then I indicate the place of “political homophobia” on the map of various anti-gay discourses. A comparison with political antisemitism allows us to see that formerly Jews and now lesbians and gays are constructed, firstly, as representatives of an anti-civilization who spread demoralization, secondly, as dangerous conspirators, and thirdly, as pariahs. In conclusion I pose the thesis that a comparative analysis of both discourses not only allows us to understand better the historical foundation of the current hatred toward gays and lesbians, but also throws a new light on the deeper structure of antisemitism.
Rivista di culture dei paesi slavi
Registrata presso la Sezione per la Stampa e l'Informazione del Tribunale civile di Roma. N° 286/2003 del 18/06/2003 ISSN 1723-4042
Direttore responsabile: Simona Ragusa
A cura di: Alessandro Catalano e Simone Guagnelli
Comitato scientifico: Giuseppe Dell'Agata, Nicoletta Marcialis, Paolo Nori, Jiří Pelán, Gian Piero Piretto, Stas Savickij
Comitato di redazione: Alessandro Ajres, Alessandro Amenta, Silvia Burini, Alessandro Catalano, Marco Dinelli, Eleonora Gallucci, Simone Guagnelli, Katia Margolis, AlessandroNiero, Laura Piccolo, Marco Sabbatini, Massimo Tria, Andrea Trovesi

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