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Kevin Moss, “From Sworn Virgins to Transvestite Prostitutes: Performing Gender and Sexuality in Two Films from Yugoslavia”, pp. 111-122 [Abstract]
The article discusses two Yugoslavian films of the Nineties with transvestite protagonists. The first, Virdžina [Virgin, 1992] by Srđan Karanović, revolves around a sworn virgin, a girl raised as a man in the early 20th century; the second, Dupe od mramora [Marble Ass, 1994] by Želimir Žilnik, is the story of a transvestite prostitute in contemporary Belgrade. The author applies the theories of gender as performance (with focus on Judith Butler’s) to the films in question, exploring the different ways the presence of a character, escaping traditional sex, gender, and orientation binaries, relates and influences the hegemonic cultural context, and functions as a challenging or reinforcing element. Namely, considering expectations for both films to potentially question binary dichotomies, the author shows how Virdžina ends up strengthening traditional gender roles and indulging homophobic mindsets, whereas Žilnik’s transvestite prostitutes, unveiling the constructed and performative nature of their gender, do question the naturalness of hegemonic identity categories. Žilnik thus uses the performative nature of gender to challenge ethnic and national identities in a queer, pacifist, and anti-nationalist discourse. /div>
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