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Joanna Mizielińska, “An apparent Presence: Gender and Queer Studies in Poland”, pp. 29-48 [Abstract]
In my paper I deal with the issue of pros and cons of Gender and Queer Studies in the Polish academia. In both cases I want to demonstrate that the problem with their apparent presence is hidden much deeper, namely in the non-recognition of gender and sexuality in the Polish culture and society. Also the fact that we deal with both theoretical approaches at more or less the same time is something worth mentioning. In contrast to the Western (mostly Anglo-American) tradition, Queer Studies and Gender Studies have appeared after 1989, so instead of continuity (i.e. from Women’s Studies to Gender Studies to Queer Studies) we deal with a sudden disruption in the field of a rather conservative Polish academia. This sudden appearance of theories which have developed for years in different cultural contexts causes some problems but also challenges for Polish academics. In the first part of my paper I discuss the development of Gender Studies in Poland and introduce main centers of research and teaching. The second part is devoted to the problem of queering Polish academia. The origin of queer theory (and Queer Studies) is deeply rooted in a reaction to a quasi-ethnic model of politics within the gay liberation movement in the U.S. that does not have its adequate model in Poland. This brings to light several problems for queer theorists that I want to underline. In this part I focus on the different ways queer theory is “polished” within a Polish context, queering it at the same time.
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