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Viera Lorencová, “Unsettling Queer Taboos in post-1989 Slovakia: Discursive Clashes and Counter-hegemonic Practices”, pp. 249-261 [Abstract]
The emerging visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-identified people is linked to Slovakia’s post socialist transformations. Slovak sexual minorities emerged from invisibility with the establishment of LGBT nongovernmental organizations in a period of societal crisis triggered by the collapse of communism in 1989 and ensuing political, economic, and cultural change. Drawing on a rich archive of print and electronic sources, in-depth interviews and participant observation in three Slovak lesbian and gay nongovernmental organizations (Ganymedes, Museion and Altera), this article is derived from a larger ethnographic project that presents a culturally and historically situated analysis of the conditions and effects of the emerging visibility of sexual minorities in post-1989 Slovakia. At the core of this study is Foucault’s theorizing of sexuality as an effect of discourses, and his genealogical approach to studying the links between discursive practice and different modalities of power. Through uncovering multiple and diffuse sites where heteronormativity is challenged, the article disrupts dominant narratives of social change that efface sexual-political struggle, and situates the emerging visibility of sexual minorities in Slovakia within the larger contexts of postsocialist transformations, European integration and globalization.
Rivista di culture dei paesi slavi
Registrata presso la Sezione per la Stampa e l'Informazione del Tribunale civile di Roma. N° 286/2003 del 18/06/2003 ISSN 1723-4042
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Comitato scientifico: Giuseppe Dell'Agata, Nicoletta Marcialis, Paolo Nori, Jiří Pelán, Gian Piero Piretto, Stas Savickij
Comitato di redazione: Alessandro Ajres, Alessandro Amenta, Silvia Burini, Alessandro Catalano, Marco Dinelli, Eleonora Gallucci, Simone Guagnelli, Katia Margolis, AlessandroNiero, Laura Piccolo, Marco Sabbatini, Massimo Tria, Andrea Trovesi

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