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Roman Kuhar, “The Development of Gay and Lesbian Studies in Slovenia”, pp. 65-76 [Abstract]
The article presents the development of Gay and Lesbian Studies in Slovenia from publishing the first book on homosexuality in Slovenia in 1926 to institutionalization of Gay and Lesbian Studies in the first years of the new millennium. While according to Plummer’s two-wave-model of development of Gay and Lesbian Studies in the West, Slovenia lacked behind in these developments, it led the way in the context of Eastern Europe: in 1984 the first gay organization is established in Ljubljana (and Eastern Europe), followed by a lesbian organization in 1987. It was the activists who produced the first small-scale research on LGBT population, translated the resound works on homosexuality, and wrote the first articles on the issue. The activism fed the theory and – vice versa – the theory fed the activism. LGBT topics started to emerge in the academia in the nineties – at first under the “safe” umbrella of Gender Studies. The breakthrough came in 1995, when non-LGBT scientific review Časopis za kritiko znanosti published a special issue on Gay and Lesbian Studies. However it still took another ten years for Gay and Lesbian Studies to be introduced as an optional course in 2004/2005 at the University of Ljubljana. The author suggests that Gay and Lesbian Studies remain marginal topics within the academy. The studies are often sent off as “too activist”. Furthermore the national founders are not interested in financing research in this field. For that reason research on gay and lesbian issues often remains a grassroot activity, without proper (or no) financial background.
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