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Paula Jójárt, “Post-communist Identities of LesBian Activists in Slovakia”, pp. 263-272 [Abstract]
The study analyzes and theorizes identities of lesbian and bisexual women activists in Slovakia in the historical perspective of the development of the LGBT movement. Embedded in theorizations of Foucault, Butler, and Jagose it considers identity produced within communities, which on the one hand gives an opportunity to assume identity and on the other hand they normalize and regulate the process of identification. While the period before 1989 can be characterized as full of ignorance, pathologization, and criminalization towards non-heterosexual identities, and non-existence of any community, the developments change after 1989. The study presents the variety of identities and especially the use of language when naming them. At the same time it points to different kinds of activism – from the organizing of social events to the first campaigns for recognition of non-heterosexual identities in the Initiative Otherness [Iniciatíva Inakosť].
Rivista di culture dei paesi slavi
Registrata presso la Sezione per la Stampa e l'Informazione del Tribunale civile di Roma. N° 286/2003 del 18/06/2003 ISSN 1723-4042
Direttore responsabile: Simona Ragusa
A cura di: Alessandro Catalano e Simone Guagnelli
Comitato scientifico: Giuseppe Dell'Agata, Nicoletta Marcialis, Paolo Nori, Jiří Pelán, Gian Piero Piretto, Stas Savickij
Comitato di redazione: Alessandro Ajres, Alessandro Amenta, Silvia Burini, Alessandro Catalano, Marco Dinelli, Eleonora Gallucci, Simone Guagnelli, Katia Margolis, AlessandroNiero, Laura Piccolo, Marco Sabbatini, Massimo Tria, Andrea Trovesi

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