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Pau Freixa Terradas, “Manuela Gretkowska’s (meta)physical Cabaret”, pp. 183-187 [Abstract]
Since the beginning of her career it has been quite clear to Manuela Gretkowska, a true enfant terrible of the Polish literature of the nineties, what was to be her place in the polarized system of values in Polish culture. One after another, her books have had the aim to bomb national feelings and to irritate the most conservative sectors of the Polish society. The most interesting aspect of her provocation is the capability to re-invent the tradition of the jester, in an time where a literary canon to fight against has disappeared, as well as a dictatorship to struggle against. The author, thus, engages in the feminist movement, which still has a lot of work to do in Poland. Gretkowska notices too that erotic provocation has been traditionally formulated by a masculine subject and the referents used have been usually related to the masculine Weltanschauung. In her novel Metaphysical Cabaret the author attempts to give a turn to this situation with an irreverent and very fun subversion in the literary use of the parts of the body and the resources of the eroticism from a more feminine point of view. But Gretkowska moves far beyond the boundaries of erotic literature and uses her feminine eroticism to provoke and to play, while finally constructing a novel of philosophical accent and a criticism to contemporary society. Nevertheless, Gretkowska knows very well that her radical provocation and criticism have an amplified effect in the still so dominant Catholic Polish culture.
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