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Irene Dioli, “Welcome to Queeroslavia. Queer Studies in the former Yugoslavia”, pp. 77-81 [Abstract]
The article focuses on discovering the grassroot development of Queer Studies in the ex-Yugoslavian territory beyond the apparent lack of academic attention. Exploring the alternative cultural scene as well as the activist world, the article takes a journey across the ways Queer Studies have been introduced, discussed, and elaborated at local level. By looking at the interaction between domestic and international subjects as well as the ongoing interplay of culture, arts, and activism, we discover how embracing Queer Studies as a core questioning of identity, politics and limits has created a space for de-constructing normativity not only gender-wise, but also in the social and political realms.
Rivista di culture dei paesi slavi
Registrata presso la Sezione per la Stampa e l'Informazione del Tribunale civile di Roma. N° 286/2003 del 18/06/2003 ISSN 1723-4042
Direttore responsabile: Simona Ragusa
A cura di: Alessandro Catalano e Simone Guagnelli
Comitato scientifico: Giuseppe Dell'Agata, Nicoletta Marcialis, Paolo Nori, Jiří Pelán, Gian Piero Piretto, Stas Savickij
Comitato di redazione: Alessandro Ajres, Alessandro Amenta, Silvia Burini, Alessandro Catalano, Marco Dinelli, Eleonora Gallucci, Simone Guagnelli, Katia Margolis, AlessandroNiero, Laura Piccolo, Marco Sabbatini, Massimo Tria, Andrea Trovesi

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