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Alessandro Amenta, “Identity as a Strategy: An Analysis of a Social Campaign in Poland”, pp. 231-241 [Abstract]
In 2003 Polish society has been upset by the first social campaign against homophobia entitled Niech nas zobaczą [Let them see us], based upon a series of thirty photographs of gay and lesbian couples holding hands. After presenting the socio-political context of contemporary Poland, characterized by a general intolerance towards LGBT people, the article analyzes the development of the campaign and the high pitched debate that took place in Polish mass media. The author focuses on the mechanisms and functioning of the homophobic discourse, at the same time linguistic and political, because “the power of naming is equivalent to the power of excluding”, as declares Joanna Mizielińska. To fight against homophobia and intolerance, the campaign conveys a specific homosexual identity based upon a normalizing strategy of representation. This is however a problematic choice, because clashes with the need of respecting and representing the difference and the plurality of identities of LGBT people. This strategy may be accepted referring to the notion of “strategic essentialism” coined by Gayatri Spivak, that admits a temporary simplification of the concept of group identity to reach concrete socio-political goals, however it can’t provide a long-term solution to the problem. It’s then necessary to rethink the tactics of deconstruction of the homophobic discourse.
Rivista di culture dei paesi slavi
Registrata presso la Sezione per la Stampa e l'Informazione del Tribunale civile di Roma. N° 286/2003 del 18/06/2003 ISSN 1723-4042
Direttore responsabile: Simona Ragusa
A cura di: Alessandro Catalano e Simone Guagnelli
Comitato scientifico: Giuseppe Dell'Agata, Nicoletta Marcialis, Paolo Nori, Jiří Pelán, Gian Piero Piretto, Stas Savickij
Comitato di redazione: Alessandro Ajres, Alessandro Amenta, Silvia Burini, Alessandro Catalano, Marco Dinelli, Eleonora Gallucci, Simone Guagnelli, Katia Margolis, AlessandroNiero, Laura Piccolo, Marco Sabbatini, Massimo Tria, Andrea Trovesi

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